“Individual CREATIVES collectively a STATE of mind.”

Established as Fashion State of Mind in 2015 and rebranded as THEFSTATE in 2018, home to model CITIZENS and artist CRUSADERS that build and protect the state of HUMANITY. branding LOVE. STYLE. CULTURE. Connecting people in creative spaces. Specializing in Fashion PR 

We represent and manage the careers of BLACK editorial fashion models, BLACK fit models, BLACK influencers, diverse creative artists, gender fluid/neutral brands and BLACK Celebrities; the millennial and next generation FASHION, MUSIC and ART icons.

Our work has been featured in such publications as OBVIOUS, Glamour, Vanity Teen, Vogue Italia, Lucy’s, Boyfriend, Horizont, Picton, Mob Journal, Vertiqle, Opium Red, Mordant, Twisted Male Mag, Shuba, Marika, Astound, Avante, Elegant, Volant and many others.

We have worked with agencies such as St. Claire, Dragonfly LA, Bri’Gied, the Campbell Agency, LA Models, Heffner Management, Naturally Fit, August Models, Envy Model Management, 42 Model Management and many others.

Our network spans both nationally and internationally.  Select members of our agency are also proud members of For(bes) the Culture.


Photo Credit 

Photographer | @mastermindfotoo 

Photographer | @christophermarrs

Citizen (Model) | Finesse Devonne

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